Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 131 #175)

Come On In This House!
One of our recent guests, John Nemeth, performed a killer version of the Junior Wells classic, "Come On In This House." It inspired Joe to transcribe the tune for class. This song can definitely be performed over a straight shuffle, but note that there is a distinct second guitar part -- if you can get your band to play that guitar line, it is one of the distinguishing parts of the song. Many consider this song's album, Chief Recordings, 1957-1963 - Junior Wells, to be one of the all-time great blues albums, so pick it up here if you don't already have it.

Joe also did a review of hand and arm position when playing harp. These guidelines will help you get the best possible hand tone while playing with relaxed shoulders.

Rare Jim Liban Appearance in Chicago Tonight!
Our Chicago Blues Harp Bash headliner, Jim Liban, is performing in a rare Chicago appearance tonight with Joel Paterson at Buddy Guy's Legends. Don't miss it!

More Talking Blues Contest News!
Looks like this will take place mid-September so be working up your song. Here are a few points to remember:
  • New Item: Joe is "highly considering" an honorable mention prize!
  • The song should be harmonica-driven.
  • Some singing is ok, but the idea is to do a talking blues so everyone can participate.
  • Produce an entertaining performance.
  • Bonus for originality.
  • You should make use of the B1 band -- know how to communicate to them what you want.
  • Remember, you are competing with yourself. Joe is looking for a winning performance that shows you've pushed yourself and grown. Find your inner showmanship and put on a memorable performance!
Class Notes!
  • Recital CDs are still available! Get it soon and make your donation to the class fund!
  • Chicago Blues Harp Bash: tickets are available at the Bash website. Patron and Platinum reserved seating is now available. Get yours soon so you don't miss this great show!
Report On the Italian Blues Scene!
You Missed Monday reader and former B1 student, Vincent Di Sandro has moved to Italy and recently caught the Piazza Blues Festival in Bellinzona, Switzerland. Here's his report:

"It was truly a great weekend event with tons of talent all in one relatively small piazza (square) - all for less than $15 a night too! You can check out the program here.

As far as the harp scene went, there was Matthew Skoller (who played and was also MC Friday night), Billy Branch, Billy Boy Arnold, Tad Robinson, Rod Piazza, even Charlie Baty played harp on a couple of numbers.

I had pretty much seen everyone perform previously but was thoroughly impressed when guitarist Sherman Robertson came out. Guitars were plentiful as well...Kirk Fletcher, Charlie Baty, Lurrie Bell, John Primer, even Billy Flynn. Susan Tedeschi knocked 'em dead with a very tight/professional performance. She was by far the strongest vocalist of the festival.

After the main performance on Saturday night there was an after hours show at a small club nearby. Little Charlie along with JW Blues Band (Canada) also hosted a jam there. I'm still having a hard time believing that I got to sit in with my guitar idol Little Charlie Baty!

Well I hope you have a great class tonight and good luck with everything else you have going. Please say hi to Joe and the B1 crew. - Vincent"

Blues Before Sunrise News!
This note from Steve Cushing, long-time local blues DJ. Steve plays a lot of harp material on his program so consider helping if you can:

"Hi Folks: Trouble on Blues Before Sunrise: Each week the Blues Before Sunrise program is made available to public radio stations free of charge. Stations download the program from a website. Over the past three years IĆ­ve fallen behind in payments for this website and it's been shutdown until I can get up-to-date on the payments - a total of $1,600. This is more money
than I'm able to generate and I'm e-mailing to ask if I can find 160 listeners who might be willing to donate $10 each to cover this bill. If you're willing to help, please send cash/a check/money order for $10 to:

Blues Before Sunrise
P.O. Box 272
Forest Park IL 60130

Thank you!
Steve Cushing

Newsletter News!
The newsletter and more is now online! Check it out for further info on newsletter items, an ongoing calendar of local gigs and birthdays, archives, links, videos and special features.

We welcome your input. If you're inspired to write a review of a live show, CD, DVD or book, please submit it to us for consideration.

- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew

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