Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 127 #171)

Special Guest Ron Sorin!
We were honored to have Ron Sorin in class this week. Ron talked about being inspired by great players when he was coming up, particularly Big Walter Horton, and he listed Stevie Wonder, Kim Wilson and Howard Levy as contemporary players he admires. Ron played with Big Shoulders, Ken Saydak and James Wheeler. It was great to have him in class and get to hear him play so much, and he even did a horn arrangement piece with Joe. Let's hope he'll get back on the scene and You Missed Monday can advertise his gigs!

Joe says: "Ron is one of the best Chicago blues harp players in town!"

Class turnout and CD sales were great. Thanks everyone! Be sure to check out youmissedmonday.com for links to the discs Ron appears on:

Also special thanks to class guests, Gavin Tun on bass, Jaime Guzman from Burnham, Mick Zaklan from Homewood, Harlan Terson "The Blues Person" (bass playing god from Chicago and OTS), and Phil Dumitru from Buffalo, NY who inspired Joe's original for the Level III class, "Buffalo Shuffle-O".

Lazy Lester This Friday!
Lazy Lester is going to be playing at Buddy Guy's Legends Friday, June 26. Be sure to mark your calendar and get out to see him. Lazy Lester is a living harp legend who does not tour this way much, so this is a rare opportunity.

Joe is communicating with Lester about having him in class on the following Monday, June 29 -- stay tuned as this will be coming together last-minute.

Free Beer!
Hey, B1 friend and killer harp player, Michelle "Nitro" Kaffko has two events this week to share with you: Thursday, June 25 is an artist networking event (free beer!) and Saturday, June 27 is a letterpress poster sale and gallery show, complete with music by the Manley Diehl (free beer!). This is in support of her film company, Brown Finch Films. Full details here.

Class Notes!
  • Joe's new Level III class launched successfully! Now both Level III classes will have more time to play and get instruction.
  • Be working on your talking blues contest entry! If for some reason you don't care to work something up, Joe strongly recommends you work on the classic, "Scratch My Back".
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-- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew