Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 130 #174)

Shoji Naito!
Joe Filisko missed class this week, but the amazing Shoji Naito filled in and taught his group classes. Shoji's focus? Showing us how to play chords on harmonica using a standard 12-bar blues in the key of G (you'll need a C harp and G harp for this example). This is outlined in Shoji's handouts for the class. You can also listen to how Shoji plays chord variations A, B, C, and D (note: you'll hear each chord variation twice in this recording). Now, two or more harp players can get together and play standard 12-bar blues chords on the harmonica, while another harp player improvises over those chords...all without a guitar or drums. Great class, Shoji!

Gerry Hundt Visits The B1 Blues Room!
The very talented, Gerry Hundt (guitar, harmonica, drums, vocals, mandolin), sat in on Shoji's class and even played some drums, harp, guitar, and sang for us. Gerry also brought along one of his guitar and harmonica students, 14 year-old Eli Catlin from Massachusetts. Remember Eli's name...the kid can play and sing the blues! Thanks for visiting us, Gerry and Eli!

Class Notes!
  • Recital CDs are still available! Get it soon and make your donation to the class fund!
  • Chicago Blues Harp Bash: tickets are available through etix and the Bill's Blues Bar website. Patron and Platinum reserved seating is now available. Get yours soon so you don't miss this great show!
  • Shoji has updated his play-along tracks. These are new and available at youmissedmonday.com: Ma Babe, Walkin' By Oneself, Back Scratch, Off The Walter, Sharp Harmonica, and Steadie
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-- Kirk Manley, B1 Blues Crew (filling in for Grant Kessler this week)