Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 141 #185)

Blue Midnight, the Alternate Take!
Having studied the released take of Blue Midnight by Little Walter recently, Joe is now teaching the alternate take (transcription). Joe recommends taking some time to study and compare the two songs and transcriptions. Verse two, for example, is clearly a theme Little Walter meant to repeat. Verse one of the alternate take is different, though and makes use of the tongue trill, or tongue shake, extensively. Use this song as a workout for your tongue trill, your vibrato, and the "exhale push" which you'll need in order to get through the long inhale phrases.

Chicago Blues Harp Bash #2 Was a Huge Success!
The Second Annual Chicago Blues Harp Bash was this past Saturday night and it was a huge success on all fronts. Thanks to everyone who came out to support this special event. Bill's Blues club was sold out. Performers stepped up and put on great shows. Jim Liban's performance was stellar. And once again, Billy Flynn and his band were wonderful backing everyone up -- thanks to Billy on guitar, Kenny Smith on drums, and Gerry Hundt known for his sideman work with Nick Moss & The Flip Tops on bass!

Thanks to everyone who made this event possible: Marianna Delinck Manley for the poster design; Grant Kessler for Jim Liban's poster photography; Beth Brophy of the Vagus Agency for arranging press coverage (great press example here); Jaime Viehweg for the Bash website; Michelle Filisko for CD and poster sales; Bill Gilmore of Bill's Blues for hosting; Big Alex Cuevas for event photography and filming; the Monday night B1 Blues Band, Shoji Naito and Highway Rickey; and MC, Kirk Manley.

Special Notice From Shoji!
Joe will not be in class October 5. Shoji Naito will be teaching all three group classes and shares this:

"Next week will be a 'talking blues rehearsal' day (both Level III and IV). Everybody can try his or her talking blues idea with Shoji, Grant and Rickey (during Level IV). If you are not ready to try to rehearse, you can at least tell us your ideas or ask questions. Or you can just play regular class songs.

Level IV class: we will also try to review and play as a harmonica duo or trio. Please review this!"

Talking Blues Contest News -- Date Change!
The talking blues contest is now officially re-scheduled for October 19:
  • Contest is open to all Level III and Level IV students as well as private lesson students.
  • The song should be harmonica-driven.
  • Some singing is ok, but the idea is to do a talking blues so everyone can participate.
  • Produce an entertaining performance.
  • Bonus for originality.
  • You should make use of the B1 band -- know how to communicate to them what you want.
  • Remember, you are competing with yourself. Joe is looking for a winning performance that shows you've pushed yourself and grown. Find your inner showmanship and put on a memorable performance!
Class Notes
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- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew