Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 144 #188)

Talking Blues Contest!
The long-anticipated talking blues contest was a huge hit! The room was packed and there were over twenty-two entries. People dressed up in feathers, hats and even custom-printed shirts, and there were great performances. We even had a visit from our long lost friend, Bayou Bill!
Joe awarded five prizes. Four runners up and one grand prize Filisko custom harp, which went to Tall Paul Sabel for his song, Paul's Nightmare. It's clear he was channeling Big Jim when he ended his long, minor, stream of conscience drone with this stinger:

"I blinked and rubbed my eyes and found myself in a stall in the bathroom of the Ellis Island Casino in Vegas. I heard someone whispering in the next stall. I leaned closer trying to hear what he was saying. It was Joe Filisko -- you want to know what he said?......'These are the kind of dreams you will continue to have if I catch you puckering or making 'white boy' throat noises again.'"

Special thanks to the band for all their hard work, Shoji Naito, Highway RickEy and Grant Kessler.
Ensemble Tune For Recital!
Merry Christmas! Shoji has created another fabulous multi-harp arrangement for the winter recital. Go to this link to learn all about it and practice a part that's appropriate for you: Silver Bells. We'll discuss parts and possibly rehearse this at the beginning of the 8:00pm class next week, October 26, so stay a few minutes for that if you can.

Annie Raines and Paul Rishell!
The Annie Raines and Paul Rishell tour does not bring them to Chicago, but they will be within driving distance. Annie is a renowned player and worth catching if you can get there. They're near Kankakee tonight. Their full schedule is at: www.paulandannie.com.

Southwest Filisko Liaison Checks In!
Our beloved Big Jim Themelis wrote recently to tell us about seeing a short version of the coming documentary film Pocket Full Of Soul. In his words:

"Hello everyone!

This isn't really a review but I did get to see the 45 minute version of "Pocket Full Of Soul" at the Tucson music and film festival. I don't know how long the full length version is or will be. I was told I made the cut in the 45 minute version. I'm in there long enough to be the 5th person saying Sonny Boy Williamson so it seemed like less than a second but may have been a second and a half. I would have missed myself if I hadn't known I was in there somewhere. I hope I get to at least say Big Walter Horton in the extended version.

Anyway this version was pretty entertaining. It was educational and funny and featured many of our dear friends: Sugar Blue, Gary Primich, Joe Filisko and Howard Levy were featured prominently in this short version. The cast included Rick Estrin, Kim Wilson, Magic Dick, Jerry Portnoy, Dennis Gruenling, Jason Ricci, Scott Dirks, Charlie Musselwhite, Steve Guyger, Billy Branch, Buzz Krantz, Madcat Ruth, Corky Siegel, John Popper, Rod Piazza, Mickey Raphael, Annie Raines, Clint Black, Huey Lewis, Lee Oskar, Tommy Morgan, and some fun SPAH folks. I'm sure I'm forgetting some folks and a few I did not know. Eric Noden and Big Alex Cuevas made the credits but I'm not sure if their music was in this version of the film or documentary. I hope they get distribution to release this as a full length feature film or documentary around the world so that you can all see this at a theater near you soon."
- Jim

Class Notes
  • Joe is out of town next Monday, October 26, but group classes proceed as usual with Shoji Naito at the helm.
  • The next Old Town School Harmonica Recital is scheduled for December 11 at the Harlem Avenue Lounge.
  • Joe highly recommends the new David Barrett book, Blues Harmonica Accompaniment Playing.
What Did You Learn?!
You Missed Monday wants to hear from you! Tell us about your experience writing and performing for the talking blues contest. What did you learn? Any insights? Write and let us know and we'll compile your comments for a future newsletter. Thanks! info@youmissedmonday.com

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