Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 169 #212)

Major Review!!!
Due to photocopier failure, Joe was unable to go over the rest of Ends & Odds, but should have that next week. Instead Joe used class this week to go over a two-sided handout covering topics like how to hold the harp correctly, posture, correct breathing techniques, practicing ideas and working on repertoire. These two pages of "Wisdom from Filisko" are invaluable and should be referred to often!

Exciting New Release!
Announcing the release of our friend Grant Dermody's new CD, "Lay Down My Burden"! This is a great disc featuring a long list of special guests, including Joe Filisko, Eric Bibb, John Cephas, Louisiana Red and many more. Go get your copy here: Dermody.

BluesHarmonica.com Review!!!
- thanks to Highway RickEy for this review:

Hi All,
I want to share something new in blues harmonica education with you.

David Barrett's subscription harmonica lesson site, BluesHarmonica.com, has something for every harmonica player at every level. If you want to know all there is about harmonica, then you must check it out. A monthly subscription to the ever-evolving BluesHarmonica.com includes extremely well produced videos covering every topic about playing - styles, techniques, positions, and chromatic harp studies. There are sections on choosing and using an amplifier, applying tone and sound effects, using metronome techniques to improve your timing, using computer programs to help you practice or manage your music collections as well as downloadable tabs and mp3 files.

There are insightful personal interviews and demonstrations by many of the world's top players in the business today that round out this highly informational and all inclusive harmonica resource. Topical discussion forums are available so you can connect with other harp enthusiasts around the world, including "Ask The Experts" sections where the pros will respond directly to you. David Barrett even offers custom online lesson plans.

Go to BluesHarmonica.com, take the preview tour and then sign up to become a member of an exclusive group of folks participating in the future of blues harmonica education!

See you at the jam!

Shoji Naito Play-Along Tracks!!!
Shoji has put together a webpage with an ever-expanding list of play-along tracks, including a new one for Ends & Odds. Check the page out and communicate with him via email to purchase these great learning tools!

Jim Liban and Joel Paterson Videos!!!
Joel Paterson put on a fantastic show at Legends last week and he had Jim Liban playing with him. If you missed it, here are some videos of Jim and Joel at their best: videos.

Class Notes
  • Joe is working on details for the Third Annual Chicago Blues Harp Bash for this September. He's in negotiations with Jerry Portnoy as a possible headliner but would definitely need sponsors to make this happen. If you are in a position to underwrite travel expenses (lodging for two nights, airline ticket), please let Joe know.
  • Our 14th B1 Blues Harmonica Recital at the Harlem Avenue Lounge is scheduled for May 28, 2010. Mark your calendars and start working on your material - Joe expects to have sign-up sheets available soon and there will be a short turn-around time for them.
  • Joe says you gotta check out this Bulgarian harmonica player! Wow, don't know what he's saying, but wow! He's on for the first 15 minutes. Click here.
  • We'll have Morry Sochat, front man and harmonica player for the Special 20s, in class on May 10. This will be a chance for him to give us road stories and tell us his secrets to getting bookings, and he'll have copies of his brand new CD for sale, "Eatin' Dirt".
  • FOX News was in Joe's afternoon class yesterday filming and doing interviews related to the launch of Harrison Harmonicas. The show airs nationally on Friday, April 16 in short segments at 9:00am, 11:30am and 1:00pm, but check your local listings to be sure. This will be live footage from Brad Harrison's factory in Rockford interspersed with pre-recorded footage like they did in B1. Harrison was also featured on CNN recently; watch it here. Tall Paul had a demo model of the new B-Radical harmonica from Harrison Harmonicas in class last night and gave a good overview of its features and played some lowdown blues for us on it. Thanks, Paul!
Newsletter News!
The newsletter and more is always online! Check it out for more details on newsletter items, a calendar of local gigs, jams, birthdays, archives, links, videos and special features.

We welcome your input. If you're inspired to write a review of a live show, CD, DVD or book, please submit it to us for consideration.

- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew

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