Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 174 #217)

Recital Rehearsal!!!

Classtime this week was devoted to rehearsing songs for the upcoming recital. B1 would especially like to thank Gavin Tun for spending time with us playing bass in preparation for the recital. It was great to have you there Gavin, thanks!

Joe also went over his Recital Checklist, which is full of useful information about how to successfully "impersonate a professional musician" when you're on stage. Read over this list carefully and be prepared. We particularly want to eliminate dead time between songs this time, so work to shorten the time it takes you to get on stage, talk to the band, and launch your next song.

Jerry Portnoy To Headline Chicago Blues Harp Bash #3!!!

B1 is excited to be planning another fantastic Chicago Blues Harp Bash and we're thrilled to have living legend Jerry Portnoy headlining our show. Jerry is a Grammy Award nominee who spent six years in the Muddy Waters band followed by time leading the Muddy Waters Tribute Band and his own band the Streamliners. Jerry then also toured as part of the Eric Clapton band for four years. It is a huge honor for us to have Jerry come headline our show.

The Bash will also feature local harp players Shoji Naito, Highway RickEy, Harry Garner, Lamont Harris and Kirk Manley, all backed by the amazing Billy Flynn Band.

Chicago Blues Harp Bash #3
at SPACE in Evanston
Sunday, September 12, 2010

Full details and artist links at: www.chicagobluesharpbash.com

Mark your calendar and don't miss this show!

(Note that Jerry will also be in B1 as a special guest on Monday, September 13, 2010, 8:00pm.)

Class Notes

  • Thanks once again to Morry Sochat for a wonderfully informative and entertaining evening in B1 last week. Everyone was impressed with Morry's insights into leading a successful blues band. Don't miss his great new CD, "Eatin' Dirt" now available on iTunes.
  • Shoji Naito play-along tracks: Naito.

New YMM Staff Member!!!

The YouMissedMonday newsletter would like to welcome its newest member, Al Taylor, who will be in charge of updating our gig calendars. Thanks Al for taking on this project! If you're a gigging musician who plays in Chicagoland, please put Al on your email distribution list: taylor2010@gmail.com.

Newsletter News!!!

The newsletter and more is always online! Check it out for more details on newsletter items, a calendar of local gigs, jams, birthdays, archives, links, videos and special features.

We welcome your input. If you're inspired to write a review of a live show, CD, DVD or book, please submit it to us for consideration.

- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew

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