Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 185 #228)

More Minor Blues!!!

Joe is out of town this week, but Shoji Naito covered for his group classes. In Level IV Shoji expanded on Joe's minor blues lecture from last week, emphasizing the blues scale in third position and everyone got a chance to give it a try. Overachievers even applied fifth position!

Be sure to bring your minor blues handouts again next week - Joe will continue this discussion and you should have them with you.

Old Town School Breaks Ground This Week!!!

Hey, our beloved school is breaking ground on the new facility across the street this week! There is a ceremony Thursday evening and special events and jams scheduled both Thursday and Friday to celebrate. Full details here.

Congrats to OTS!

Time to Plan for SPAH Convention!!!

The annual harmonica convention put on by SPAH (Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica) is coming up August 17-21 in Minneapolis. This is always a great time because you get wonderful access to lots of other great players from around the world. The pros are there and open to talk and help...or to just make music together. There are well-taught seminars all day, performances at night and the blues jam goes into the wee hours! Book yourself a room at the convention hotel and stock up on caffeine and scotch!

Joe runs a popular "teach-in" at the convention where world-class players, teachers, harp customizers and mic makers sit at tables and answer your questions. Here's this year's fabulous teach-in lineup:

Cara Cooke with Lonnie Joe Howell
Grant Dermody
Kirk "Jellyroll" Johnson
Dennis "Mr. Microphone" Oellig
PT Gazell
James Conway
Dennis Gruenling
Johnny "B" Bishop
Chris Michalek
David Barrett
Steve Baker
Michael Peloquin
Jerry Devillier

SPAH Blowoff:

Jason Ricci started a tradition at SPAH conventions of hosting a Tuesday evening blues show called "The Blowoff" at a local club. This year our very own Buzz Krantz will be hosting. There are great blues harp players on the schedule and sure to be others dropping by to sit in. Don't miss this show!

Tuesday, August 17
at Famous Dave's in Minneapolis
Full details here: Blowoff

Class Notes
  • Joe is back next week - all classes proceed as normal.
  • Old Town is on break for two weeks after that, so no classes on August 16 or 23. Classes resume August 30.
  • Pssst! Buy your tickets to the Chicago Blues Harp Bash!
- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew

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