Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 197 #240)

Metronome Study!!!

With Joe away this week Shoji ran group classes in B1. He passed out worksheets for songs so that you can learn the essentials to communicate to the band on stage. Get copies and fill them out for yourself so that you're well-prepared for recital.

Next up was Highway Rickey who did a wonderful job teaching proper metronome use. He talked about how to use one to find the tempo of a song you're working on, how to practice with one and then demonstrated a cool computer program called BounceMetronome. Free 30-day trial so check it out. It is really cool!

Easy Reeding!!!

Hohner's latest issue of Easy Reeding is online now! Thanks to Andy Garrigue for putting out this great publication.

Free Corky Siegel Ticket!!!

Barb Selvaggio has an extra ticket to the Corky Siegel show this Saturday, free to a good home. If you're interested, shoot YouMissedMonday an email and we'll connect you to Barb.

Class Notes
  • Joe will miss class the next two weeks due to the European tour! But don't despair - the amazing Shoji Naito will be leading classes next two week. The following week there will be no group classes, but Shoji and Grant will host a jam and open opportunity to practice recital songs. You may even hear Corporate Kirk on keys that night!
  • Shoji's private lessons will all occur in B1 the next two weeks.
Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew

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