Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 159 #202)

Bring A Song Day!
This week marked the first time for Joe's new format -- Bring A Song Day. Everyone was encouraged to bring songs in that have them stumped so that Joe, Shoji and RickEy could analyze them. It was a big success and most everyone had a song to share. Joe broke down harp licks, answered form questions, figured out keys and made suggestions about how to work on the tunes.

The other big news was a visit from our beloved expat, Corporate Kirk! Come visit more often!

Grammy Winners!
B1 is thrilled that Chicago's own harp player and blues historian, Scott Dirks, is the winner of a Grammy! Scott compiled music and co-wrote liner notes for the exciting new Little Walter box set released this past year: "Little Walter -- The Complete Chess Masters 1950-1967". This box set was awarded a Grammy for Best Historical Album, nudging out the Fortieth Anniversary Woodstock compilation. Great work, Scott, and congratulations!

Order your copy here: Little Walter Box Set.

Congrats also to Honeyboy Edwards for his Lifetime Achievement Grammy!

The Next Great Ensemble Performance -- Juke!!!
Shoji Naito, ensemble writer extraordinaire, has produced another fabulous group piece for us to perform at the Harmonica Convergence show March 21, 2010, and this time it's Little Walter's "Juke"! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. This will be a fabulous opportunity for us to perform on the main stage at the Old Town School, sharing the bill with professional harp players Corky Siegel, Peter "Madcat" Ruth, Joe Filisko and Howard Levy.
We're practicing this every week now at about 7:30, so please make an effort to come early for this rehearsal. We were sounding better this week, but it's not a tight arrangement yet!

MEMORIZE YOUR PARTS! Shoji needs everyone to memorize the parts this week so we can focus efforts on our timing instead of on the notes. Learn your parts and be ready next Monday!
Shoji has posted the parts and the song here: Juke.

The Harmonica Convergence show is scheduled from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. Joe and Shoji are expecting that we will likely be a "warm up" act going on prior to 7:00pm, so plan your schedule accordingly.

Postponed, But Coming -- the Highway RickEy Blues Jam!
B1's very own tonecup harmonica master, drummer, and vocalist, Highway RickEy, is launching a new Wednesday night blues jam, but there's been some delay. YouMissedMonday will let you know when this jam gets underway, so stay tuned.

Jerry's Sandwiches
1938 West Division Street
Chicago, IL 60622
10pm Wednesdays

How the Brain Makes Sense of Music!
Joe turned up a fascinating article about how the brain understands music. Here's a quote to get you interested:

"Before a pattern can be desired by the brain, it must play hard to get. Music only excites us when it makes our auditory cortex struggle to uncover its order. If the music is too obvious, if its patterns are always present, it is annoyingly boring."

Class Notes
  • Get your tickets now for the next Harmonica Convergence show featuring Joe Filisko, Howard Levy, Corky Siegel and Peter Madcat Ruth at the Old Town School, March 21, 2010. The show will be a tribute to the great harmonica legend, and longtime Steve Miller Band member, Norton Buffalo. Rumor has it there may be other harp players you know in the lineup, so don't miss it!
  • Alert reader and class mascot emeritus, Jim Themelis, shares this great idea: David Barrett and Mel Bay publish a monthly harmonica newsletter full of interviews and instruction. The full list of past issues can be viewed here: Harmonica Sessions.
Gigs You Can't Go To, Sorry!
Our very own Big Alex Cuevas will be performing the Star Spangled Banner at a Veteran's event at the Auditorium Theater this Saturday, February 6. Good luck Alex!

Joe Filisko and Zoe Savage, rising-star Cajun duo, will be visiting our dear friend Jerry Devillier and performing in Louisiana in February, making radio appearances at shows like this one: DL Menard and Guests. It looks like it will be streaming live on the internet on February 27 from 6:00pm-7:30, so tune in!

And One You Can!
We're excited to announce a very special show on Thursday, March 18 at SPACE in Evanston. The Filisko and Noden duo are opening up for the Jim Liban Trio! Don't miss this one! And to help you out, Jeff "Bone" Reynolds has arranged to sell tickets to save you the online shopping or the trip to the box office. See Jeff next week if you need tickets ($10/ea.) Pawn your watch, phone in sick on Friday, do whatever you need to do to be at this show -- it's going to be great!

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- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew