Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 170 #213)

Ends & Odds!!!
Joe covered the last three pages of Ends & Odds this week. The transcription is here. Discussion mostly covered Jimmy Reed and his "aura of recklessness" while at the same time playing melodically, with very solid rhythm, and also playing very accurate bends. His four draw reed may be hitting a smashed cover plate, but his ear was hearing musical bends and nailing them!

In this second position song, we hear him using just enough of the adjacent note ("dirty notes") on the high notes like the eight draw. There is also some very hip use of the six draw, a note outside of the second position blues scale.

Ends & Odds is full of tasteful licks and minimalism. It is something you could easily sing a few verses to and Joe also recommends avoiding the studio fade -- consider going back to the head for the ending verse.

Upcoming Recital Notes!
Recital sign-up sheets are due next Monday, April 26!

Note that if you're currently enrolled in group or private classes with Joe, he would appreciate a sign-up sheet from you even if you can't make the recital.

Note also that Joe is looking for volunteers who can stay late that night and play the midnight set. If you can, be sure to mark that box on the sign-up sheet.

Juke! We will be reprising Shoji's wonderful ensemble arrangement of Juke for this recital, so brush it off and be ready for a few practices at 8pm in the coming weeks. This song will happen during "prime time" at the recital -- sometime between 8:30 and 11:00pm. This ensemble piece is open to all those who truly want to be involved.

Pro News: Johnny Woods on DVD!!!
Check out the R.L. Burnside DVD with Johnny Woods playing harp, available here.

Pro News: New Primich Release Available!!!
The posthumous Gary Primich CD recording in Finland is now available at Bluebeat. Gary Indiana, by Gary Primich.

Pro News: Hazmat Modine!!!
Hazmat Modine collaborated with Natalie Merchant for two songs on her new CD "Leave Your Sleep". The band also appears in the new documentary, "Listen To The World: The Musical Instrument Museum." There's a clip here.

Pro News: Adam Gussow!!!
Harp pro and instructor Adam Gussow will be performing in Chicago during blues fest:

Friday, June 11 at noon at Buddy Guy's Legends

Here are two clips that showcase him in a solo show: video one, video two.

Shoji Naito Play-Along Tracks!!!
Shoji has put together a webpage with an ever-expanding list of play-along tracks, including a new one for Ends & Odds. Check the page out and communicate with him via email to purchase these great learning tools!

Buckeye Harmonica Festival!!!
Don't miss our very own Buzz Krantz at the Buckeye Harmonica Festival this year! Peter "Madcat" Ruth is also on the schedule. Full details here:

Buckeye Harmonica Festival 2010
April 29-May 1

Class Notes
  • It is looking very promising that living legend Jerry Portnoy will be coming to town for our Third Annual Chicago Blues Harp Bash in September. Joe asks that you step forward if you have access to airline miles or hotel credit that we could use to help defray costs for hosting Mr. Portnoy. Help make this happen! This will be a rare opportunity to see Jerry Portnoy perform and speak in class.
  • We'll have Morry Sochat, front man and harmonica player for the Special 20s, in class on May 10. This will be a chance for him to give us road stories and tell us his secrets to getting bookings, and he'll have copies of his brand new CD for sale, "Eatin' Dirt".
Our Thoughts Are With You, James!!!
Joe reports that our own James Baird is going through a rough time with his daughter. She was recently hit by a car in a biking accident and is now in physical therapy. Our best to you and your family, James! B1 is thinking of you!

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- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew