Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 195 #238)

Evening Sun!!!

Revisiting the classic Walter Horton archive, Joe discussed the J.O.B. Sessions tune Evening Sun this week. More or less muscling vocalist Johnny Shines out of the way, Horton swings hard and puts out one of his best performances. Joe is mining new Walter Horton observations from this song:

First off, Joe described the swinging Horton's doing with the shuffle rhythm here. The eighth note is shuffled so late that it is extremely "tight" to the next downbeat. This creates that awesome swing feel - look for it most easily in the first chorus.

The second thing Joe is taking from this song is the realization that Horton's intense shuffle vamping (slapping) is likely rooted in the "Sonny Boy Williamson II" style of vamping which starts from a full tongue block and builds up a certain "back pressure". Listen for it!

Harmonica Einstein Does It Again!!!

You'd think with one invention under his belt in 2010 Harmonica Einstein would be resting on his laurels, but no way! "E" has now devised the "Reed Plinker" which is an invaluable little tool. Here's how he puts it:

"What if there were an in-the-box harmonica reed tool that could plink either draw or blow reeds with ease?

Wouldn't this open the door to in-the-box reed profiling?

Don't you think the harmonica world needs it?

E has invented it!"

You can see this device in action here (reed plinker) and it's available free to anyone who orders a Tuning Table.

Jerry Portnoy Makes Donation to B1!!!

Impressed with CD sales and B1 enthusiasm, Jerry Portnoy mailed a check to the B1 class fund recently for $300. Wow! Jerry, we're awed by your contribution. Thanks so much. Your support will continue to allow us to book guests and pay musicians for special events, all of which enrich the quality of the harmonica blues experience Joe offers in B1. We sincerely thank you!

Edgebrooke Lutheran Church Benefit!!!

The church our very own Tom Gilmore belongs to, Edgebrooke Lutheran, suffered a fire a year ago. They are throwing a benefit party this Saturday, October 23rd to raise funds for repair. For extra credit, The Shakes are booked as entertainment, so we hope you can come out in support of Tom and to see the only two-harp band in town!

Full details here: Falling Leaves Benefit

Buddy Greene On TV!!!

Our good friend Buddy Greene appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last week. Congrats, Buddy! You can watch the full episode here: Greene.

Class Notes
  • A new class session starts at Old Town next week. If you haven't yet registered, get on it!
Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew