Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 200 #243)

Joe's Back!!!

Despite how wonderful the Europeans in five countries treated Filisko and Noden, Joe is back in B1 and we're happy to have him! He toasts in three or four different languages now but otherwise seems unchanged.

Joe's still got Walter Horton on his mind and shared part of his transcription of That Ain't It with us this week. You can find this recording on the Alligator CD with Carey Bell. This is great Horton playing and the vocals fall in a fairly tight range, so it should be approachable if you want to sing it.

Sweet Folk Chicago!!!

Rich Warren has been hosting a folk radio program called the Midnight Special for over fifty years now on WFMT 98.7. He recently asked Joe and Eric to write and record a theme song for his expanded program, "Sweet Folk Chicago", so check out his program to hear them play.

Also, this week only, Rich invited Joe and Eric to guest host the program for an hour. Tune in this Saturday, November 27 from 7-8:00pm to hear the roots duo spinning songs from their collection and talking about their importance in blues/folk history.

Remastered Nat Riddles Tune!!!

This from Adam Gussow:

Although I've been offering a double-live CD, "Nat Riddles and Charlie Hilbert: El Cafe Street Live," for more than two years now at MBH, I've always known that the sound wasn't quite optimized. Using improved technology, I recently remastered one cut, a 10 minute version of Big Walter Horton's "Easy," and the results are spectacular. This is Nat Riddles at his best: live on the streets of New York City on a warm June day in 1989. Charlie Hilbert is playing guitar. You are THERE, surrounded by the airy presence of the summertime streets with a world-class blues duo serenading you for free.

This cut is my gift to you. Thanks for being a friend of Modern Blues Harmonica! The soundfile is large, since I saved it at 256 kb/s, but the sound quality is remarkable. Nat is playing an A harp. (Hint: You'll need to tweak the pitch up a bit if you want to play along; use Audacity or an Amazing Slow Downer.)

Download: Easy

Old Town Outreach!!!

In our ongoing attempt to alert you to all harmonica-related gigs in Chicagoland, here's a fun one. Hats off to Jason from Old Town for working with these kids!

On Friday, December 3rd, from 6-8pm, the North Center Chamber of Commerce will be celebrating the winter season with arts and crafts, hot chocolate, Santa and plenty of fun for the entire family.

Ms. O'Ohara's 2nd grade class (from Coonley Elementary) has been chosen to perform their rendition of Jingle Bells on their harmonicas.

4100 N Damen, in the plaza across from CVS
Friday, December 3rd
Time 6-8pm (class performance will be right at 6pm)

FlashHarp On HGTV!!!

Congratulations to our buddy Jim McLean who will be appearing on HGTV the day after Thanksgiving with his harmonica/flash drive combo. Check it out!

Class Notes
  • Joe is excited to announce we'll have Matthew Skoller as our special guest in class Monday, February 28, 2011. It's a ways off, but mark your calendars!
Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew