Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 209 #252)

I Wish You Would!!!

On tap this week was the Billy Boy Arnold classic I Wish You Would. This is another song to consider when breaking up the set list. Get away from shuffle after shuffle by working in a "Bo Diddley" beat of some type and extra credit for it being a one-chord song. Audiences will love this variety.

Joe started by playing a Bo Diddley tune called Diddley Daddy (with Little Walter blowing harp) and also referenced the Ray Charles tune, What'd I Say. You can hear the rhythmic similarity in both to I Wish You Would. Sometimes called a jungle beat, it relies heavily on the drummer playing the rhythm on the toms and avoiding cymbals and the snare drum.

Joe recommends you learn the guitar/bass line so that you can play it for the band to hear. It can even be used to launch the song - play the riff alone and let the band roll in with you. No count off required!

Speaking of Bo Diddley tunes, we incorrectly identified the harp player recently on the tune Pretty Thing. That is Jed Davenport playing harp behind Bo Diddley.

Class Notes
  • Remember to plan on catching the Filisko/Noden/Matthew Skoller/Lurrie Bell show at SPACE on February 27. This is great timing because we'll have Matthew in class the next day. Tickets will be available next week in class from Jeff Reynolds, so bring your cash!
  • The next session at the Old Town School begins February 28, so register now!
- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew

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