Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 245 #288)

I Don't Know!!!

That is not a sarcastic remark. We do know what you missed - the last installment of the George Smith study series, a song called I Don't Know.

George only blows 12 bars on this tune, but they are great! Cool call and response. And check out his heavy use of dirty notes and octaves on that high harp to get a full, gritty sound. Watch the timing on bar 10!

Was he really playing a Db harp? Not likely since they were a rare tuning at the time. More likely the song's recording shifted at some point.

George, so long for now. It's been great studying ya! And Joe, welcome back!
              Tuning Table!!!

              Our apologies for the oversight last week - we forgot to mention that our own beloved Highway RickEy taught two great sessions last week on tuning your harps. This was a great introduction to the idea for most and made it clear that some simple tuning is within our grasp! Particularly with Rickey's fabulous invention, the Tuning Table, to aid us. If you don't have one, get with the program! This ingenious little device is highly endorsed by our own harp tech extraordinaire, Joe Filisko!
              Vintage Tube Amps For Sale!!!

              Our friend Ray Kunst has two vintage tube amps for sale. Great harp amps! Email Ray if you're interested:

              Vintage Tempo Colortone 49 Tube Guitar Amp Late 50's early 60's by Merson Products, 3 tubes, about 3-5 watts output.
              Tempo (Merson) MDL Colortone 49
              8” speaker
              RCA Electron Tubes
              A Real Beauty!
              Gritty, raw and surprisingly loud for such a little amp.
              Pickup only.

              Vintage Silvertone (Dano) Meteor MDL 1430 1950's
              6” Speaker
              GE Tubes
              One of them is a 12 AU6
              A Real Beauty!
              Gritty, raw and surprisingly loud for such a little amp.
              Pickup only.
              Filisko Show Tonight!!!

              Hurry, get down to the Harlem Avenue Lounge tonight to catch the Filisko solo show!
              Class Notes
              • Our winter recital is on the calendar, December 17. Sign up sheets are due November 14 and should include short bio info on the back.
                  Special Gig Notes!!!

                  News is that the James Cotton show this week has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for April.

                  Also, Charlie Musselwhite has two shows this week, including one with the great Duke Robillard on Saturday.

                  - Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew

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