Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 211 #254)

Juke, Part 2!!!

Joe continued teaching this Little Walter classic starting with the 4th chorus. Walter begins this chorus with a bright, precise attack in the first 6 bars. Notice how he backs off dynamically in bars 7 and 8.

Walter plays the first 4 bars of the 5th chorus as a "break" chorus. Breaks are great additions to tunes. They'll keep your audience on their toes paying close attention to how you'll play next.

Listen closely - especially during the 6th chorus - for his faint use of inhale and exhale ghost chords. Walter was a rhythm machine with the harmonica!

Joe also notes how similar Walter plays the 7th chorus versus the 2nd chorus covered last week, especially Walter's brassy attack on the 2 draw. Joe will hand out the 8th and final chorus next week. The complete Juke transcription will be posted in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned!

Matthew Skoller & Lurrie Bell Visit B1 Next Week!!!

Matthew and Lurrie will be our special guests on Monday, February 28 at 8pm. It'll be a great night of blues! Matthew and Lurrie will both have CDs available for sale on Monday in B1, so bring plenty of cash!

Make sure you catch the Matthew & Lurrie in the act, along with Filisko & Noden, at SPACE the day before (Sunday, February 27). Live blues at its best!

Class Notes

  • This is the last week of the session. Register now for the next Old Town School session, which begins February 28.
  • Huge thanks to those who bought Recital CDs and made class donations!
  • Joe will not be in class on Monday, March 7. But the B1 Blues Band will be, so be prepared to play and learn!
  • Slavko Hilvert visited B1 one more time before returning to Serbia. Slavko played a killer version of Rev. Gary Davis' "Death Have No Mercy". Safe travels, Slavko!
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