Tuesday, April 12, 2011

(What Did You Miss This Week? Week 218 #261)

Rehearsal and Performances!!!

We spent extra time this week rehearsing for the Japan benefit this coming Saturday. It's going to be a great show, so be sure to come on out! (full details below)

There were a lot of great performances last night in class, including Shoji's spin-the-wheel improvisation. He took tempo, groove and key choices from separate members of the audience and played an improvised instrumental based on those suggestions! As Highway would say, "Let's see you do it!"

There was not a lot of time for discussion but we did cover improvisation a little more. I'm sure the topic will be back soon, so work on your improvisation at home and bring your experiences and questions to class.

Old Town School Benefit for Japan!!!

The Old Town School's benefit concert for Japan is this Saturday, April 16. We'll be playing three Japanese folk songs as an ensemble. Shoji would like a full stage of harp players, so please come and be a part of the performance, even if you don't have time to learn the pieces well. "Air harp" players are welcome! (And so are 'cheat sheets', so if you need music, bring it along.)

Please play the role of "professional musician" and get to the venue an hour before showtime!

Here are the three transcriptions to work on: Japanese Folk Songs

We'll play them in this order: Aka Tombo, Roses In Bloom, then Sukiyaki.

Here are youtube links so you can hear the melodies:

Aka Tombo
Saturday, April 16
909 W. Armitage

If you or anyone you know can play chords on guitar and would like to join in during Sukiyaki, practice with this chart and bring your acoustic guitar!

The event starts at 11:00am and runs until midnight, so come check out some of the other wonderful musicians donating their time. Shoji has also put together a blues ensemble that will play a short set starting at 3:50pm, featuring:

Katsu Kosaka harp/vocals
Masa Ichikawa guitar
Kirk Manley vocals, harp, keys
Grant Kessler harp, guitar
Shoji Naito bass
Lenny Marsh drums

More Japan Benefit Info!!!

Our B1 harp playing, songwriting friend Andy Willis is donating his time from noon-5pm on Saturday to do charicatures at the Japan Benefit. Get yours done and donate at the same time! Here's an example of his wonderful work from our last recital:

Also, Zoe Savage, baker extraordinaire, will be selling cookies at the benefit, so come hungry!

Lastly, Skip Landt of Old Town has a harmonica event at the benefit and his time slot is 11:40am.

Come out Saturday to support this great cause! Remember, all donations are being matched by an anonymous donor, so give generously.

You Missed Monday Is On Facebook!!!

You Missed Monday has a facebook page now. If you're on facebook, click HERE and "like" us so you can get late-breaking gig news and also help us spread the word about events like Recital and the Chicago Blues Harp Bash. Get on board!

New Releases!!!

Joe recommends these two new releases and so does Charlie Lang at Bluebeat. Here are Charlie's descriptions:

"Just when you thought all the cool Chicago harmonica tracks were available, up pops this killer collection of mostly 60's era Chicago Downhome harmonica sides........Of the 23 tracks, it appears that only a handful have ever been available on cd before........KILLER recordings by WALTER HORTON (from Decca) BIG JOHN WRENCHER & MOJO BUFORD!!!..........It's hard to believe, but the JOHN BRIM & EDDIE TAYLOR/ JIMMY REED sides are new to cd.........Whoever compiled this did their homework...........Class--- pay attention to this!!!!!!!!"

"This compilation covers all the issued sides by the enegmatic FORREST CITY JOE & the Louisiana based artist variously known as POLKA DOT SLIM- MR CALHOUN & VINCE MONROE.........The sound is tough 50's Delta Blues with a Sonny Boy #1 aura to the Forrest City Joe sides and a raw, in your face quality to the Polka Dot Slim sides."

Class Notes
  • The date is set for our next recital at the Harlem Avenue Lounge. Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 21 and start compiling your song list! We'll have the amazing Harlan Terson, the blues person, playing bass with us on this one!
- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew