Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 244 #287)

Long Distance Call!!!

Muddy Waters. Little Walter. What else is there to say? That's killer blues - the best harp, slide guitar and vocals you'll ever find.

Shoji recommends you listen to Long Distance Call for a taste of these two master bluesmen in action. It was a masterful evening of teaching last night too as Shoji presented this song. His main points were these:
  • Looking at the transcription it seems the notes are rather simple. Mostly inhale, rarely above hole four, all blues scale, very little hand technique. Bends, yes, but in the end, there are only five notes here. Simple.
  • Now look at the rhythmic notation. It is difficult!
This is what Shoji means when he keeps saying you have to play the right notes at the right time! We have to get beyond learning notes and technique and spend practice time counting and understanding rhythm and timing. Brilliantly presented, Shoji, thanks!

Get your play along track here: Shoblues
              Instant Music: Harmonica Workshop for Kids and Families!!!

              B1 has a new friend - long-time Old Town kids music teacher, Jason McInnes who is leading workshops for kids and families on Sunday, November 13 - children only at 1:00pm and family class at 2:30pm. If you have kids or know someone who may want to introduce their kids to harp playing, this should be a fun way to get them started!

              Jason also leads the monthly Gather-All for musicians at Old Town to come together and play. Catch it this Friday, November 11, 2011.
              New Releases - Correction!!!

              Apologies to Flavio for having his name reversed last week - our Portuguese is, um, non-existent. It should read:

              Flavio Guimaraes - AND FRIENDS

              The friends part means Joe Filisko, Rick Estrin, Steve Guyger, Gary Smith, Peter "Madcat" Ruth and Charlie Musselwhite - wow, a who's who of harp players on this new release, so check it out!

              Howlin' Wolf Complete Chess Masters - 4 CDs of the Wolf!
              FREE John Nemeth Show Tonight!!!

              Yes, you miserly bunch of harmonica players, FREE!

              Bone dropped into B1 last night to let us know that SPACE is offering free entrance to John Nemeth's show this evening if you tell the door you're with the Old Town harmonica class. If it happens that you're reading this and you're not currently registered, no worries. You are welcome to take advantage of this offer. SPACE wants a full house - come make it happen! Showtime is 8:00pm.

              Did we mention it is free?
              Class Notes
              • Joe Filisko will be back in action next week! All classes and private lessons run as normally scheduled.
              • There will NOT be a drop in blues jam next week. That was something Grant and Al could do because Shoji's room was available, but with Joe back, that will no longer be the case. Grant is looking into the possibility of doing that once a month in another room - stay tuned.
              • Our winter recital is on the calendar, December 17. Sign up sheets are due November 14 and should include short bio info on the back.
              - Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew