Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 247 #290)

Temperature, Alternate Take!!!

You're still running a Temperature! This week it's the Alternate Take #1 from Little Walter!

This solo is a combination of low-down, killer blues and jazzy swing stuff. It launches with the 5-2 split, the most serious blues sound you can get from a harmonica. Then, cleverly, he repeats that. Repetition, repetition, repetition!

Now for the swing: the figure at the end of bar one is, as Joe puts it, playing behind the beat. It is Walter playing with the time and syncopating that is so cool, and if you like it, get a big dose of it again over bar seven!

Other interesting things in this solo?
  • It is unusual for Walter to play a breathing pattern, but check out bar 4 for a nice one.
  • Bars 7-9 are full of "unusual stuff" as Joe puts it, but of course Walter plays it as though it were normal.
  • Note too his use of the root note (six blow) over the V chord. Not usually a wise decision, but phrasing strength and rhythmic pulse are everything and he makes the six blow work here.
Ron Sorin and the Blue Coast Band CD Release!!!

We're excited to announce that our local harp legend, Ron Sorin, has released a new CD, Lake City! This disc is loaded with special guests: Tad Robinson, Mark Skyer, Marty Binder, Harlan Terson, Mark Wydra, Ken Saydak, John Brumbach, Pete Benson and James Wheeler! You can find this on CD Baby if you can't wait for his visit and CD release party in B1, January 16!

Congrats Ron!

Two New Jams!!!

Get out and play at these two upcoming jams:

Open Mic at the Horseshoe
Wed, November 30th, 8pm
4115 N. Lincoln
Hosted by the Amoreys/Andy Willis

Chicago's Old Time Jamboree at Dolce Casa
Sat, December 3, 7:00pm
4749 N. Damen
Hosted by The Wren & the Whistler
(BYOB. No cover.)

Band Communication!!!

- Confused about how best to communicate your songs to the band? Here's a nice offer for help from Al Taylor:

"At the upcoming recital, it is important that performers give the band concise instructions. It's best if you give a card with your song information to the band right before you perform, as well. Feel free to contact Al Taylor (taylorar2010@gmail.com) for advice on reducing your band instructions to a minimum."

Class Notes
  • Recital #17 happens on December 17 (wow, #17 on the 17th!) starting at 7:30pm. Here's the Set List! Impersonate a professional by being early for your time slot.
Special Gig Notes!!!

Morry Sochat & the Special 20s are hosting a very special Holiday Party this Saturday, December 3 at the Smoke Daddy.

If you're a veteran of blues at the Smoke Daddy, you know there used to be a two-part stage on either side of the door. It was crazy and people walked right through the bandstand, but hey, it was cool! Word is Morry is building a stage to replicate that old feel so that he has room for his full horn section and all the special guests that night! Now that's commitment to putting on a great show, so get out to support him! Free entrance, right through the stage, and great blues and BBQ! Details at youmissedmonday on the Hear Live Harp tab!


We remember Steve Guyger raving about the Finnish band he played and recorded with when he visited B1, so this CD from Helge Tallqvist is worth checking out:

Back in stock at Bluebeat is Helge Tallqvist playing George Smith, complete with a talking track of George himself!

- thanks to Big Jim for the tip!

- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew