Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 261 #304)

Tad Robinson Review!!!

Joe took the evening to thank everyone for helping make the Tad Robinson visit such a huge success by getting out to the SPACE show and for attending Monday class. Both were great evenings B1 will not soon forget!

Joe stressed how cool it was that Tad was willing to do a stripped-down show at SPACE, featuring more harp playing and blues singing than he might typically do - it is obvious Tad is solidly rooted in the tradition and was able to lay it down in a trio setting!

It was also interesting to Joe to observe that despite Tad's singing "strength", which no one would dispute, he did not seem to be singing that loudly. It is clear he is very tuned in to his volume and paired with his incredible mic control, this means he projects power without straining his voice - a valuable lesson for singers and harp players alike!

Tad mentioned the Jimmy Rogers discs with Little Walter playing sideman stuff and Joe concurred last night that that is some of Walter's best stuff. He's loose, swinging and full of creative ideas. And he's essentially doing John Lee type playing, which leads to next week's study tune...see you then!

Jonah Lehrer on Fostering Creativity!!!

Research journalist Jonah Lehrer was featured on the NPR program Fresh Air recently talking about creativity. It is a fascinating conversation, particularly when he talks about jazz musicians' innate ability to shut down the portion of their brain that causes impulse control in order to create improvisationally. The text on the website is only excerpted; we recommend you listen to the audio, starting with Bob Dylan lyric writing and if it seems long, jump to the 23 minute mark for the jazz conversation: creativity.

HOB Pro Jam This Week!!!
Not only is RJ Mischo playing the House of Blues this Wednesday with Billy Flynn, it is listed at a Pro Jam and lots of harp players are expected. Billy Branch will be there and rumor has it Billy Boy Arnold may be in the house as well. Check it out!

Class Notes

  • The next B1 Harmonica Recital at the Harlem Avenue Lounge will be May 12, 2012. Save the date and start working on your performance material.
  • Joe announced two other special guests coming to B1 - Peter "Madcat" Ruth will be with us on May 14, and Adam Gussow will join us on July 2. 

- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew

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