Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 265 #308)

Baby Please Don't Go!!!

(Sorry we "missed Tuesday" with our newsletter - seems once in a while the job gets in the way of harp newsletter writing!)

Baby Please Don't Go was our study tune this week. It traces back to John Lee Williamson who recorded numerous versions in both first and second position. Check out his terrific sideman playing and versions of the song with Big Joe Williams, including the alternately titled, Don't You Leave Me Here for some of John Lee's hard-driving, rhythmic, powerful playing!

It's clear Muddy Waters was influenced by Sonny Boy I - after all, Sonny Boy had hits that people knew and loved so it's no surprise to hear Muddy covering Baby Please Don't Go with Little Walter on harp.

For Joe, there are two standout reasons to study this song:
  1. The harp playing is both woven into and behind the lyrics but also pushes them.T
  2. The second solo rocks! This is a clear Little Walter homage to Sonny Boy, driving, in the pocket and very simply a frightening solo.
This tune showcases guitar and harp both in "mindblowing musical performances"!

New Gary Primich Release!!!

Three cheers to Gary's dad Jack Primich for keeping his music alive! Jack has produced and will soon release a two CD set which includes seven unreleased tunes - Gary Primich, Just A Little Bit More with Omar Dykes.

It's great to hear "new" stuff from Gary - keep it coming Jack and thanks!

Class Notes
  • You turned in your Recital sign-up sheet Monday, right? If not and you plan to play, speak up within the next five minutes:
  • New Old Town School session starts next week. Sign up now!
- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew

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