Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 274 #317)

Adam Gussow!!!

Adam Gussow is on the road with his one-man blues show and he made a stop in B1 last night!

Adam talked about his gear choices, complete with a full demo of how he sets up his small vintage amps, blowing through a Shure PE5 dynamic mic with a Boss DD3 delay pedal and a Sennheiser 906E mic hanging in front of the speaker and running to the PA for a fuller sound in the room. Lots of great gear info for the aspiring gigging harp player!

Adam has had some terrific mentor experiences, playing both with Sterling Magee in the duo Satan and Adam on the streets of New York as well as being around Nat Riddles who taught him:

  • the importance of tongue-blocking
  • various vibrato and tremelo techniques (throat, belly, jaw, hand movement)
  • and encouraged him to listen to people he was not listening to at the time like Kim Wilson and John Lee Williamson

Much of what Adam demonstrated and spoke to kept coming back to the idea that "...just because you do something one way, be willing to try something new; open yourself up to serendipity..." He even made the comment that he's played the lick in Good Morning Little Schoolgirl one way for years and learned a different way from Joe and the YMM Newsletter! Thanks for the nod and we're glad you're reading, Adam!

Check out Adam's website for lots of additional info: instructional videos and tabs, workshop and teaching opportunities, CDs, gear for sale and more about his influences Sterling Magee (Satan) and Nat Riddles.

It was a packed house, including special guests Ron Sorin, Al Miller, Harlan Terson and Graham Nelson in the crowd to hear from Professor Gussow. Great to have you in B1, Adam!

Gary Primich CDs!!!

The Gary Primich family did two terrific things recently. One, they released a double CD of Gary's music, including some previously unreleased cuts on "Gary Primich - Just A Little Bit More". This is a wonderful gift to the harp world!

Secondly, the family sent along a case of the discs for B1 students and we're thrilled to have them! Gary visited B1 multiple times and is a special part of the B1 family! Thanks to the Primich family for taking such good care of us!

We sent Darsha, Gary's sister, a copy of our recent recital CD and she sent along this sweet note:
"Thank you, Joe, B1 students, honored guest teachers, and all others for your wonderful 2012 harmonica recital CD: "On The Record". I am really excited to listen to it - especially the original songs! I will of course share this treasure with my dad, Gary's dad, Jack! And we will talk about the amazing harp choir performance B1 students so lovingly gave at Gary's memorial service, in 2007.

Thank you for this awesome gift ! B1 is never far from my heart !

Gratefully yours, Darsha Primich" 

Three Cheers For Al Nemcek!!!

We could not have been more excited to see our dear friend Al Nemcek back in B1 last night after his surgery. We wish you a speedy recovery Al, and look forward to hearing you play again before too long! It hasn't been the same without you.

Class Notes
  • Reminder: Joe will be out of town July 16th and 30th - his private lessons will not occur, but all group classes happen as regularly scheduled. Shoji Naito will lead instruction.

- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew

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