Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 296 #312)

Evans Shuffle!!!

In 1945, Joe Liggins released the tune The Honeydripper which hit the top of the R&B chart that year. Having that hit in the air meant others performed it and versions of it - Little Walter and Muddy Waters stepped up with a terrific instrumental version, Evans Shuffle. Being a successful and in-demand musician meant being able to play material that people liked and knew well.

Evans Shuffle was recorded in October of 1950 and released under Muddy's name. Walter modifies the opening riff and then the third figure he plays on this first page is the main melody of the original tune.

Check in three weeks from now for more of this great song!

David Barrett In B1!!!

We have a very special guest lined up for our next Monday, June 4. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the "most accomplished and dedicated blues harp instructor on the planet"!

If you're not already hip to what David does, check out his thorough learning materials, videos and interviews here: BluesHarmonica.com.

Joe has asked David to focus his conversation with us on the topic of accompaniment playing, so for those of you with questions or lack of experience backing up other players and singers, this is going to be a valuable evening. See you in B1 at 8:00pm!

SPAH Youth Grant!!!

- Here's a cool opportunity for young harp players out there to get financial help attending the SPAH convention in August. If that's you or you know someone appropriate, please spread the word!

"In advance of the upcoming convention, SPAH has created the SPAH Youth Grant. The SPAH Youth Support Committee is planning to award up to five grants to talented young (ages 21 and younger) harmonica players depending upon available funds. Grants will cover the convention hotel room bill for up to four nights and the SPAH Convention Youth Package registration. Grant recipients will be required to perform at the convention and to contribute a small amount of his/her time to activities of the Youth Support Committee (for example, selling raffle tickets for prizes at the Saturday night banquet and show). The grant for the 2012 convention is funded by the William Rosebush Youth Outreach Fund. The grant application information is available on our website."

Charlie Musselwhite At Space!!!

You might want to think ahead and get your tickets for the Charlie Musselwhite show at SPACE on June 7...get 'em here: SPACE.

Class Notes
  • No classes next week - Memorial Day! Fire up the barbie! (YMM is taking the week off too!)
Tall Paul Is Married!!!

Yes, it's true! Another blues wife is born! Our buddy Tall Paul Sabel married his longtime girlfriend Silvia last week!

B1 wishes them the very best!

- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew