Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 285 #328)

Kick Off That Song!!!

Continuing to think about what makes a strong stage performance, Joe addressed getting from one song to the next with minimal downtime and chatter with the band. So, how minimal can you be in your verbal information? How about only stating the key of the song?

With the fabulous B1 band to demonstrate, Joe called off song after song with only the key and showed that all the other things we typically describe like tempo and groove can be communicated non-verbally. What are the principles?

  • Be deliberate. Your opening has to be forceful and crystal clear.
  • Lead off with a standard riff or bass line. If you want a rumba for example, you have to lead off with that line.
  • Project the tempo with your body even before you start to play.
  • Don't be concerned with exactly where the band rolls in - if you play deliberately and the band is worth its salt, it will come together naturally. It may not be the arrangement you'd achieve if you talked it through, but that is not the point of launching this way.
  • Recital is coming up - consider polishing your stage presence and showmanship by moving to at least one of your songs in this way.

Class Notes

  • New session at Old Town starts October 29 so re-register today!
  • Joe will be out of town October 22, 29 and November 5 - his private lessons will not meet but his group classes proceed as normal in the capable hands of Shoji Naito.
  • Grant and Al will be leading an informal jam session from 3:30-5:30pm on October 22nd and 29th in B1. Stop by and play! Practice for recital!

Joe On Disc!!!

Hey Joe fans! Get your Filisko fix with these two new releases:

Joe Filisko & Eric Noden, Missed Train Blues

Diamond Jim Greene, Surrounded - Joe plays three tunes on this disc

Fourkey Harp Tuning!!!

B1's new friend Roger has been pulling off some terrific melodies in class with a custom tuning called fourkey tuning. Not typically a blues harp tuning, Joe has been noodling with it a little and pulled off some terrific blues improv last night in the key of B. It can be done!

Read more about the tuning and where you can get one of these harps at 4KeyHarps.

- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew