Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 293 #337)

Brandon Bailey!!!

You had three chances to catch the amazing Brandon Bailey in Chicago this past weekend - sitting in at our recital on Saturday, doing his own solo show at the Elbo Room on Sunday, and he stopped by B1 last night to demonstrate some of his harp boxing techniques, answer questions and play. Smokin' stuff, Brandon!

Brandon is excited to announce he has a new EP out, Senses, which is available as a digital download at places like Amazon.

Joe is a big supporter of this harp boxing genre - if you doubt it's authenticity and applicability, check out John Mayall vocalizing in Room To Move...and then remember that Mayall is surely referencing things he heard Sonny Boy Williamson do. That, and harp boxing is rhythmic and chordal!

Speaking of our 19th recital, Joe officially pronounces it a big success! People really stepped up and performed well, they were efficient with time on stage so we kept things moving and Joe especially loves the ensemble and duet things that are coming together. We had lots of original lyrics, we had background singers and we even got to hear a vocal tune out of Mr. Shoji!

Apparently Michelle told Joe she liked it enough that she'd come back for another - that's all the high praise we need, Michelle!

Al Miller Re-releases on Delmark!!!

Our friend Al Miller reached out with news of the re-release of his two discs by Delmark. Wildcards is out with a new cover (and terrific lineup including Tad Robinson and Billy Flynn!) And his second disc, featuring Joe Filisko on the title track, In Between Time, is due out soon. Here is how Delmark puts it:

"Also be on the look out for the re-issue of harpist/guitarist/vocalist and former Chess records artist, Al Miller’s CD from 2000, In Between Time. This recording from 2000 was self-released and never on Delmark before, and is thus is the follow up to Al’s Delmark CD, Wild Cards (DE 675) from ’95. Like it’s predecessor, this much anticipated recording also features an all-star traditional Chicago Blues band with John Primer, Billy Flynn, Dave Specter, Kenny Smith, and more!"

Sites like Amazon are clearing out old stock of In Between Time...and the new release will have a previously unreleased track!

Blues Harp Tracks Go International!!!

Shoji's Blues Harp Tracks are indispensable learning tools, meticulously arranged like the originals for you to play along to. Check out the video to your right of Ana Radzik putting Juke to work in a TV spot!

Buy yourself a few play-along tracks and soon you'll be profiled on TV too!

Filisko & Noden!!!

Next time you're in Deutschland, keep your eyes peeled for this:


Class Notes
  • Happy Holidays! The newsletter will be taking a break, but as always, check in at youmissedmonday.com for gig listings! See you back in classes January 7, 2013.
  • If you have upgraded, renovated or otherwise modified your goals as a harp player recently, be sure to let Joe know. The better he understands your goals, the better he can help you.

Kirk Manley Report!!!

Corporate checked in with us to say his parents are both home from the hospital now and on the mend. They're well attended by family members and friends and Kirk is grateful the B1 community is thinking of them all!

- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew