Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 303 #347)

Mark Bird Stafford!!!

We were fortunate to have a surprise visit from Canadian harp player, Hohner Endorsee and harp teacher Mark Bird Stafford last night! He talked about the harp scene in Toronto - recommending clubs and players to catch there and blew some terrific traditional blues. If you find yourself up his way, check out the Toronto Blues Society website for all the blues links you need and be sure to look up Mark. He's a super nice guy and would be happy to show you around!

Thanks for visiting, Mark!

Class Notes
  • Big thanks to OTS executive director Bau Graves for visiting B1 this week and sharing his accordion playing. The rhythm and chording class had a great time learning from him and keying in on the comparison between our lungs and the accordion. Truly a lesson in breath control!
  • Looks like our next Recital is likely to happen but Joe is entertaining venue ideas, so if you have any comment, let Joe know. In any case, consider Shoji the music director and be sure your material meets with his approval. Planning something unusual? You may need to arrange private lessons with him in advance to work out charts and arrangements and confirm your readiness.
B1 Storms Louisiana!!!

Thanks to the surge in popularity for Zoe Savage's Cajun harp class, a mob of B1 students are heading to Eunice, Louisana this week. They'll visit our buddy and master Cajun player Jerry Devillier and plan to play at the famous Liberty Theater on Saturday. Go 'Muscovy Ducks'! Make us proud!

- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew

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