Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 315 #359)


We're moving on from boogaloo to the tramp groove this week. The groove name stems from the song with the same name, Tramp by Lowell Fulson, which you can hear here. Other tunes that get the tramp treatment:
  • Top of the Harp, by Louis Myers
  • I'm Your Breadmaker, Baby, by Slim Harpo
  • My Back Scratcher, by Frank Frost with Arthur Williams on harp (read more about Williams)
  • Cleo's Mood, by Jr. Walker & the Allstars
Joe's handout this week is a transcription of three of these songs' grooves so you could play over the one chord to launch these songs with a band.

We were excited to have a few very special visitors in B1 last night too. Joe Hlubek, "the coolest guy in Iowa", drove all the way from Clinton to check out the class. And pro player Robson Fernandes is in town a couple weeks from Brazil and dropped in too along with his drummer friend, Victor Busquets. Thanks to them all for visiting, playing and hanging out at the bar, once again proving that music brings people together and makes friendships easy! Come back anytime guys!

Harmonica Masterclass 20th Anniversary Workshop!!!

David Barrett has announced the lineup for his next Masterclass Workshop in San Jose. Yes, it's not until April of 2014, but to receive your first choice of class selection, you must register for sessions by June 15! David is an incredible instructor and his Masterclasses are awesome! Click here for the full class lineup.

If you need convincing, here are 12 killer reasons:
  • David Barrett
  • Dennis Gruenling
  • Joe Filisko
  • Steve Baker
  • Kinya Pollard
  • Gary Smith
  • Rick Estrin
  • Mark Hummel
  • Greg Heumann
  • Winslow Yerxa
  • Eric Noden
  • Doug Deming (ok, not a harp player, but such a cool blues player and you'll have a chance to perform on stage with him!)
(Psst! If you're one of Joe's students, you're entitled to a hefty discount too!)


You should be getting your act together to travel to St. Louis in August for the 50th Anniversary of the SPAH Convention. Dates are August 13-17; the lineup is terrific and for those of you in Chicago, we have a hot tip there are Big Bus roundtrip tickets going for as little as $28 right now! Plan your transportation, get your hotel room and don't miss this amazing event - learning, camaraderie and insanely late night blues jams - what more could you ask for?!

Class Notes
  • Sign up now for the next session at Old Town!
Party for Carlos!!!

Hey, our good buddy Carlos Orellana has landed a post-doc job in Atlanta and is leaving us before long. We're sad to see this killer harp player go, but we're happy to have an excuse to throw a party!

Linda and Leo Gordon have graciously agreed to host at their home in Winnetka: pot-luck-blues-jam-going-away-party! 

Sunday, June 30
4:00 pm
RSVP to: Linda Gordon

- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew

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