Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 325 #369)

Mystery Grooves!!!

Welcome back! Old Town School's break is over and the newsletter and B1 are back in business!

This week Joe played some samples of grooves that defy description. They don't lend themselves to a tight category although you can hear a sense of certain grooves in them. And naturally he turns to Slim Harpo and the Excello label for these choice straight eighth tunes:
  • Scratch My Back - though it has touches of a tramp groove and Cleo's Mood in it, this song is all its own. The good news is that it is so well-known that you won't have much trouble getting a band to produce this for you.
  • Tip On In - flavors of tramp and boogaloo on this one with a heavy tremelo on the guitar, the first word on Shoji's and RickEy's lips was "swamp" - much of the Harpo/Excello catalog is often thought of as swamp blues and this epitomizes it.
  • Hey Little Lee - interestingly the groove on this song comes from the interplay of multiple guitar parts.
  • Stick Your Chest Out Baby - this has a boogaloo drum part and a busy bass line holding the sound together.
For a couple more swamp blues men to check out, reach for the other Excello greats Lazy Lester and Lightening Slim.

Tickets On Sale Now - Chicago Blues Harp Bash #6!!!

BASH!!! Get your tickets NOW!

We now have the Facebook Event page live, so if you have a Facebook account, please go here immediately and click "Join" so all your friends will catch wind of this cool show: Facebook Event. For extra credit, you can also click the "Invite Friends" button at the Event Page and do just that, invite all your blues loving friends to join you for the show!

September 22, 2013, 6pm, in Szold Hall at the Old Town School of Folk Music


Johnny Sansone, Zoe Savage, Tall Paul Sabel, Scott Dirks and Grant Kessler.

The bandleader this year is Shoji Naito and he's lined up Mike Scharf on bass and Mark Fornek on drums.

Also, Joe has copies of three of Sansone's discs available in class - $15 for one, $25 for two and $30 for all three.

Class Notes
  • Joe announced the prizes for his end of year contest. Get your CD in by end of December that shows what you are capable of and you could win! Third Prize, one high performance Marine Band Deluxe; Second Prize, two high performance Crossover harps; First Prize, three high performance Crossover harps!

Hot New Releases!!!

Hank Mowery, Account To Me - Michigan native Hank Mowery has put together an awesome tribute to Gary Primich. This CD even has a couple rarities that Gary never recorded...tunes you may only have heard him do in B1! Thanks to Hank for the Primich love and a big shout out to Jack and Darsha Primich for producing this disc with Hank!

Michel Herblin, Harmonica Golden Melodies - Joe calls this one of the most exciting jazz diatonic CDs he's heard!

Joe Filisko Interview!!!

Boris Hartl talks with Joe!

- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew

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