Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 375 #419)

Eddy Clearwater Background!!!

Prepping for our visit from living legend Eddy Clearwater next week, Shoji played some of Eddy's songs for us to hear the breadth of his playing, emphasizing tunes with harp players and also sharing some cool 16 bar stuff since that's where our study song, My Babe, has had us focused lately.
  • The Love I Have For You - From the 1998 release, Cool Blues Walk, this features Jerry Portnoy on harp and closely follows the Careless Love form with just the addition of a II chord over bar 6.
  • Very Good Condition - From the same CD and coming in, poignantly, after recovery from his bypass surgery, this is also a version of the Careless Love form. The difference here is two bars each of III and then of II over bars 9-12.
  • Find Yourself - This is a 1999 tune from a disc produced by Duke Robillard and has Eddy's cousin Carey Bell blowing harp on a controlled, nicely structured solo.
  • Find You a Job - Also has Carey Bell on harp.
  • Sugar Baby - In the 80's Eddy recorded some with Sugar Blue on harp and this was a nice example.
  • Last Nite - From a Live at Kingston Mines recording, this song is a take on Hoochie Coochie Man and has Ab Locke blowing sax.
  • Lazy Woman - Also from the live recording and this is a cool take on the Mellow Down Easy form.
  • I Just Want To Make Love To You - Taking us out was one more with Jerry Portnoy from the Cool Blues Walk disc.
Joe also shared this transcription of 16 bar blues that gives you the guitar riff and the vocal melody of My Babe. Good stuff to have under your belt.

On The Move Released!!!

Preview copies of the new disc from Joe and Eric, On The Move, complete with Beau Sample playing that upright bass, are available in B1 and on their upcoming European tour!

Hear samples and watch for ordering info at RootsDuo.com.

Special Guest - Living Legend Eddy Clearwater in B1!!!

Legend Eddy Clearwater is coming to B1! Don't miss this special night and hear Eddy talk and play in our classroom.

Next Monday Oct 13th at 8:00pm

If you're in one of Joe's other classes, do plan to stick around for this.

Everyone's welcome! Eddy will be talking, answering questions and playing some music with our own Shoji Naito blowing harp!

Don't miss this! And be sure to read the terrific Blues Blast Magazine profile of Eddy before you come.

Class Notes
  • Remember Joe is on tour the last Monday of this session and the first three of the next session.  Shoji will be out two Mondays in that same period and RickEy will be out on one of them. Joe assured everyone that classes will be held and Zoe, Grant and the B1 Band will be ready to step in.
- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew

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