Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 424 #469)

Study Song and Scale Practice!!!

There isn't a lot of video footage of Howlin' Wolf blowing harp, but lucky for us, there is a version of him playing on our study song, Sitting On Top of the World.

Notice while watching that Wolf solos by playing the melody. Quite a few times. Would you argue with the Wolf? No, right, so it must be a good thing to know and play the melody!

But, for you more advanced solo thinkers, have a listen to Eddie Shaw's and Hubert Sumlin's solos as they are different.

Two other harp things to catch - one, Wolf holds his harp in his right hand, which is different and two, he is clearly blowing the 3 hole in the turnaround, then alternating to the 2 draw. Great to have video to see such things about the masters!

Thanks again to RickEy for a few insightful weeks of pentatonic scale practice. He spent some time last night demonstrating the play-along tracks he's shared, many of them drones that allow you to play through the pentatonic scale without thinking about timing or rhythm. This is all about ear training and getting the scale imprinted indelibly in your mind. The folks playing along in class are clearly making great headway with the scale, so keep it up. Thanks, Highway!

Class Notes
  • RECORDING:  This session's recording date for the Performance Class is Monday, December 14. You should be firming up the tune you mean to record and practicing it each week with the band. 
  • Joe is back next week! Classes run as usual.
- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Band 

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