Thursday, April 28, 2016

What Did You Miss This Week?

I Ain't Got You!!!
We launched a new song of the session Monday and the  band gave a live demonstration of I Ain't Got You, led by Highway RickEy.

We listened to and examined two versions of the song, one by Jimmy Reed and one from Billy Boy Arnold. Joe handed out a transcription of the Billy Boy Arnold version.

It's true Calvin Carter is listed as the songwriter, but a word to the wise: he may be the one who copyrighted it and not the actual creator of it - this often happened in blues.

Joe also pointed out that the first recording may not be the version heard first, and a first recording could be a copy of what others have done.

RickEy discussed the form of the song, pointing out that it does not fall within the standard 12 bar format of many blues songs. Instead, after a 4 measure intro, the song has a 32 bar AABA form, followed by the 12 bar solo form.

Next time we’ll study other versions, such as the one from the Yardbirds.

Class Notes
  • Joe's next Harlem Harmonica Party is Tuesday, May 3, 8 PM at the Harlem Avenue Lounge.
  • There's still time to register for classes!
- Jim Lucas, B1 Blues Crew