Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 447 #492)

I Ain't Got You!!!
Highway RickEy took our study of I Ain't Got You into the 60's this week by listening to the blues rock bands that were covering the song. He emphasized that the first wave of such bands, mostly out of England, idolized the original blues players and worked hard to cover their tunes with great respect and strong knowledge of the originals.

We listened to covers like the Yardbirds' version with Eric Clapton soloing on guitar, a vocal melody that sounds a little Everly Brothers-ish and Keith Relf on harp. He also shared a John Mayall version that has John on harp.

Then, to everyone's enjoyment, RickEy introduced us to a session guitar player named Cornell Dupree who put out an instrumental version of I Ain't Got You that is really a beautiful take. You know Dupree indirectly from his work on things like Rainy Night In Georgia and Aretha Franklin's Respect. Find this version of him doing I Ain't Got You over a flat tire groove and you can get some respect for his blues chops.

We wrapped with a Sugar Blue version that he plays in third position. RickEy notes he plays the recurring lick on the same holes in third that one would in second position, giving it a harmony version rather than an exact duplication of the original lick. Check it out.

Class Notes
  •  No class next week. Pour a cold one and enjoy your Memorial Day bbq. See you in two.
- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew