Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What Did You Miss This Week (Week 449 #494)

I Ain't Got You!!!
We wrapped up our study of I Ain't Got You last night. Grant did an instrumental version following last week's conversation about turning the tune into an instrumental and Shoji played the three versions under most scrutiny - Billy Boy and also two takes from Jimmy Reed.

Two takes from Jimmy Reed? Yep, there are two. One you'll find on the Veejay 6 CD box set, and the other is on the Complete Singles disc. You should compare them and likely you'll hear:
  • a different harp solo
  • looser drumming on one, which RickEy figures must be the 'rehearsal' take
  • a couple missing beats on one version
Good workout for your listening skills!

Class Notes
  • New session starts next week - be sure to register!
  • Clarification: We celebrated Shoji's 20 years with us in B1 last night. His blues knowledge and dedication, harp playing, guitar playing and musical arrangement support have been amazing assets that we've all benefited from. He is "moving on" from the 8pm Performance Class and won't be joining us any longer, but he's still around - he has a full day of private lesson slots available on Mondays at Old Town, so sign up to study one-on-one with him. He is a great resource to help you workshop songs you want to be performing at 8:00pm in B1. Thanks Shoji!
- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew