Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What Did You Miss This Week (Week 459 #504)

Blues Scale Use!!!
YMM's editor was out fishing, so he missed Tuesday. Sorry 'bout that and hat tip to Al Taylor for reporting:

Blues Scale Skill
Two performances Monday evening happened to use a riff-based groove, one a box shuffle and another a “Born in Chicago” type bass line. Joe emphasized the importance of being able to play over these and other blues scale based songs, using the riffs and phrases you already know. “Keep it simple and stick to the blues scale notes,” he said, further adding that this is so important he would be happy to stick around after any class and “jam” a little with anyone who wants to practice.

Blues Rumba
Next up Joe sang a rumba with David K. providing capable harp accompaniment. In this case the blues scale is a little “too much”. It’s not really wrong, and some may even like it, but the rumba’s more “major” sound is a much better fit with the major pentatonic scale.

Spotters are Priceless!!
Whenever you perform, always have a spotter to check sound levels in the audience, keep a watchful eye on stage activities and appearance. Give yourself a chance to perform at your best!

A Couple Reminders
  • Don’t forget to invite someone else to do a solo when you perform.  It’s good etiquette if you are at a jam session and it’s also important that you can smoothly handle the necessary band communication and arrangement transitions.
  • Joe will be out on tour beginning October 17, 2016.  That is that same night we will be running a Recording Session, so Grant and the rest of the B1 Blues Band will be ready to support your chosen arrangement. 
- Grant Kessler and Al Taylor, B1 Blues Crew