Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 460 #505)

We had a great night of song practice and discussion last night. Remember you should be working to choose and polish your song for the recording on October 17. Most people declared their tune for the band last night, but if you haven't, be ready to do so next week.

Joe and RickEy talked a little about practice last night. RickEy made the point that his deep repertoire is so active and can be called up so quickly because of the depth of his practice on songs when he first learned them - they're solidly ingrained that way. As Joe says too, do not confuse practice with play. Practice is WORK; play is FUN. Do both, but separate them.

Reminder too from Joe that there is value and learning going on in class when Joe's talking to someone else about their play. Pay attention to critique and discussion that isn't pointed directly at you and learn from it.

Shout out to Dennis Gruenling for sending a guest to visit us from Chile last night. It was great to have Daniela Sepulveda visit. B1 always loves guests!

Class Notes
  • Joe will be out of town touring Europe Oct 17 through Nov 7. Private lessons fall out, but group classes continue as usual with Zoe and Grant taking the helm.
  • Note from Shoji: "The Blues Blast Music Awards winners were announced in Champaign, IL  last week. I want to thank everybody who voted for me. Grant and I will start working on the next cd soon."

- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew