Tuesday, October 3, 2017

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 502 #546)

Accompaniment Techniques!!!

Lots of good performances and accompaniment playing in B1 last night!

Speaking to playing chords in an organ sustain, Joe said people should start there because it's easy - "if you can breath, you can do this!"

Then, after train whistle sustains, you get to last night's technique, hard shuffle chording. This involves playing like a rhythm-section instrument, laying down a solid swinging shuffle rhythm, inhaling then exhaling on the low end of the second position harp while enunciating "tucka-tucka". It's driving; it's staccato; and it can be played over all the chord changes in tunes that are shuffles. Killer blues magic.

Class Notes

  • Current session ends Oct 23.
  • New session starts Oct 30.
  • Note that Joe will be away Oct 16-30, and Nov 6. Rhythm and Chording classes and Joe's private lessons are cancelled in this time frame, but all Level 3 and Performance classes proceed as normal with Grant subbing for Joe. 

  • Joe's next Harmonica Party at the Harlem Avenue Lounge is November 21.

It Takes Three DVD Release

The two-hour long documentary film featuring the making of the harmonica-centric CD “It Takes Three” is here! You’ll see the creative process of Gary Smith, Aki Kumar, and David Barrett working with the Bay Area’s top blues musicians—rehearsing and recording each of the fifteen songs on the CD at Kid Andersen’s famous Greaseland Studios. If you’re a harmonica player, make sure to purchase the transcriptions set, which shows you how all the fills, solos, and cool harmonica harmonies were played (written in standard and TAB notation).

Purchase the DVD, CD and transcription set here!

German Harmonicas And The Blues

German Harmonicas And The Blues – A Concert & Book Reading With Grammy Award Winner Peter Madcat Ruth And Author Herbert Quelle

Get your tickets now for Madcat Ruth at Dankhaus, October 6.

- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew

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