Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 479 #524)

PT Review!!!
It was an amazing guest appearance last week with PT Gazell in the house and Joe took a few minutes last night to underline things and recap.

Joe pointed out PT is a unique player with incredibly strong pitch, tone and ear. It is super cool that he's reinvented himself and essentially been two different players in his life, a country and bluegrass player first and now a jazzy melody musician. There's a lot to be admired by the dedication he's shown to this new path.

It was profound info from PT that he emphasized learning the melodies so strongly. So, go learn your melodies!

And Joe was also taken by PT's description of having a "bucket of licks" that he draws from. Joe hears this in other great blues players too - Kim Wilson, Rick Estrin, Sugar Ray Norcia and more. Learn to draw from your own bucket and also be forever expanding it!

Regarding the half-valve harps, Joe advised to remember that accurate bends are still work. When asked about playing them in a blues context, he points out that blues is not just melody playing; it also makes heavy use of chords, so unless you retune, the half-valve is not going to sound like a blues instrument. And similarly, the "dirty notes" and difference tones that accompany them are also not the same on a half-valved harp. So think of the half-valve for melody playing - obviously PT is using them to their full advantage and strengths!

Class Notes
  • The new session kicked off last night but there's still time to register for classes!
  • Remember to share your goals with Joe in order to receive better guidance - particularly advised for folks in the Performance Class.
- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew