Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What Did You Miss This Week (Week 509 #553)

Record Yourself!!!

Joe reminded folks in the Performance Class that in order for him to best help you, he needs to hear from you - tell him what to listen for or what your goals are so he can guide you.

Speaking of guiding, here's a great learning tool to implement. Last week Joe talked about the value of transcribing. This week, he urged people to record themselves. Use your phone or capture some video and review what you record. Do you like what you see? Great. If not, this can guide you to growth. Joe just recorded all but one of his gigs in Europe and reviewed each the next day - if it's valuable for him, it is valuable for you!

Old Town has two songs of the session Joe commented on last night. In honor of Fats Domino, his hit Ain't That a Shame (1955) is being studied by classes throughout the school. It's a New Orleans blues that proves how simple lyrics and a lot of repetition can be a winning recipe.

Also being studied is Robert Johnson's Crossroads Blues (1936). It is remarkable for the school to be studying a traditional blues, so we may be looking at it more in class this session. Joe noted that it is a song that does not have a recognizable melody - have a listen and be ready to talk about it in class.

Class Notes

  • Joe's next Harmonica Party at the Harlem Avenue Lounge is tonight!
- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew