Tuesday, October 23, 2018

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 542 #588)

Don't Get Around Much Anymore dominated class performances again this week.  But don't feel afraid to come back to class if you don't know this one - playing other things IS ALLOWED! :-)

Class Notes

  • Joe's away but Grant is teaching the Level III and Performance classes. Privates and Rhythm & Chording are not meeting.
  • Time to re-register! The session ended this week, so be sure to sign up for the next one now. 
  • If you've noticed trouble with the YouMissedMonday website, we are aware and working on it. In the meantime, it seems to work better on mobile.

Horn from the Heart: The Paul Butterfield Story

Reader Michael Zaklan shares this news:

The Gene Siskel Film Center lists the new Paul Butterfield documentary as playing eight times next month; three of them with the film's director present to answer questions and discuss the film. Apparently there are "special guests TBA". I assume Sam Lay will be one of them.

Schedule and tickets here.

- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew