Tuesday, May 14, 2019

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 568 #614)

Joe's still thinking about breathing, as you can see by his fancy medical device known as an incentive spirometer. Be like Joe for not a lot of money on Amazon and test your breath capacity at home!

When playing, Joe noted there are two temptations you need to resist - 1) that you truly push enough air out before you start and 2) that you don't partially inhale just before you start playing. Take some time to observe your fellow harp players and you'll see how common both are. Maybe seeing it in others will help you also see it in yourself.

Digging Deep - Better Practice Technique with Highway RickEy
Joe has great respect for the diligence RickEy puts into his practice and he's asked him to spend some time in the Performance Class next week talking about how he does it. Everyone is welcome to stick around for this valuable lesson:

Want to know what it takes to dig deeper to master melodies, tones and effects created by the masters? Little Walter, Big Walter, Sonny Boys, your favorites and anyone in between. Organization and proven study techniques are the key.

Next Monday evening 5/20, Highway RickEy will be teaching a class on using audio slow down programs to organize your approach at mastering anything more thoroughly and faster than you ever have tried before. Learn how to discover and own any material. Learn how to use Section, Fragment and Phrase loops to master pieces.

Bonus IV chord study including class play along!

The two programs covered are Amazing Slow Downer and AudioStretch. There are free versions available for your mobile device.

Class Notes

  • You did NOT miss the YMM newsletter last week - the editor was gone fishin'! (Weather was good; fishing was so-so. Thanks for asking!)

Dennis Gruenling - Blues Music Award Winner!
Congrats to our buddy Dennis Gruenling for winning the Best Instrumentalist - Harmonica award at the Blues Music Awards this year!

photo: Laura Carbone

- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew