Tuesday, December 17, 2019

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 593 #639)

We had a full house and a great night of performances this week - thanks to all who brought their A game! Joe reminds folks that you need to let him know if there's something in particular you need or want feedback on. Let him know what you're working on so he knows what to listen for.

Reviewing the call for having someone accompany you, Joe points out that 90% of the time you're on the bandstand, you're not soloing. You need to learn to play accompaniment so that you contribute to the songs and accompaniment time in class is the opportunity for all to learn that skill.

And a thought about the long inhale practice within our call and response exercises - the first three seconds and the last three seconds of those are the hardest for your body. Work at trying to sound even throughout your long hold notes and chords, even if your body feels otherwise. And for extra credit once you're comfortable with that, work at adding a crescendo toward the end. Your breath will want to trail off, but musically, you want to end strong.
Class Notes

  • HAPPY HOLIDAYS! We're on break now until we resume on Jan 6. (Practice your Christmas songs - melodies with bends are a great way to strengthen your command of bent notes...and your family will love them.)
  • Register now for the next session. Signing up early helps Joe and the school ensure the classes can happen. 
- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew