Tuesday, January 14, 2020

What Did You Miss This Week? (Week 595 #641)

Hearing the need in class to strengthen peoples' fills game, Joe spent some quality exercise time last night building that foundation. He urged people to start with some rudiments we've been hearing in call and response - the root (2 draw), the full 2 draw bend (b7) and the dirty half step draw on the 3 (b3).

With the exception of over the V chord, you should be proficient using these three notes to build powerful fills behind a singer.

A couple notes on the b3 note. For one, if you are going to err, do so to the sharp side. A slightly sharp half step bend is arguably more dissonant and bluesy than the correct pitch. And secondly, remember that it's powerful too to add that dirt on the b3. It's a full, rich, bluesy sound you need to master and milk in your fills.

Class Notes

  • Harmonica Hoedown 2020 tickets now available! The show is Feb 18 at Martyr's featuring Joe Filisko & Friends, James Conway, Bob Kessler & Graham Nelson Trio, and the Lucky Ducks. 

Westmont to Chicago: Tribute to Eddy Clearwater
Shoji Naito's new CD is out now in tribute to the late Eddy Clearwater. This disc features Eddy himself and members of his band, along with B1 member Ginny Morin and our good friend Lee Kanehira and more! And of course, great harp playing by Shoji.

Available at CD Baby now (and in the Old Town School's Different Strummer store if you want to pick up a hard copy so you can enjoy the graphic design work of our own Grant Kessler!)

- Grant Kessler, B1 Blues Crew

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