YouMissedMonday.com was created for those who played hooky or weren't paying attention during Joe Filisko's weekly Chicago Blues harmonica classes. Joe's classes take place in the Old Town School of Folk Music's infamous B1 Blues Room.

The B1 Blues Band is made up of Joe Filisko (Harmonica, Drums, Guitar), Shoji Naito (Guitar, Bass, Harmonica), Highway RickEy (Drums, Harmonica), Grant Kessler (Harmonica, Guitar), and Al Taylor (Harmonica, Bass).

Joe and The B1 Blues Crew host a number of harmonica events throughout the year:

  • Old Town School Harmonica Recitals at the Harlem Avenue Lounge (thanks, Kenny Zimmerman!) Harmonica students perform songs they've learned live with the B1 Blues Band. Recitals are typically held twice a year in May/June and December. The 16th OTS Harmonica Recital is scheduled for Saturday, May 21, 2011. Recital CDs highlighting past performances are always available for a small donation!
  • The Annual Chicago Blues Harp Bash is in its 4th year! Past Bashes have featured many legendary players such as Billy Boy Arnold, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, Jim Liban, Jerry Portnoy, Billy Flynn, Gerry Hundt, and Kenny "Beedy Eyes" Smith. Typically held in the Fall (September/October), the Bash also showcases several local harmonica standouts.
  • Periodically, Joe's classes perform Harmonica Ensembles live at Old Town School special events. B1 Blues Band legend, Shoji Naito, is the mastermind arranger behind these one-of-a-kind tunes. Past harmonica ensembles have featured the Welcome Table, Last Night, Soul Finger, and Juke.
B1 Blues Crew Credits
The B1 Blues Crew is made up of whole bunch of harmonica characters. The following entertaining credits are brought to you by the one and only, Mr. Big Jim Themelis:

Joe Filisko - CEO, COO, CFO of The Filisko Method and Filisko.com, King of the known diatonic harmonica world (Pre-SBWI and Post-SBWI).

Michelle Filisko - Webmaster of Filisko.com, Queen and recital archivist, wife.

Big Jim Themelis - #2 Walter Horton Ethno-Musicologist (Mr. Filisko is #1), Decibel Specialist, Producer Emeritus, You Missed Monday!!! Retiree, Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico Representative of The Filisko Method.

Big Alex Cuevas - Under Assistant Secretary (Midwest division), Principal Photographer, Breath control consultant, Research intern, enforcer of the Filisko Method, assistant liaison for Filisko.com, Guardian of The Filisko Method.

Highway RickEy - Editor Emeritus, Percussion (Double Bass Drum specialist), MC, World's Greatest Tonecup Player!!!, Big Walter Horton's Chauffeur, Playboy Venson's Son, famous for playing amplified harmonica with reverb while driving 65 mph for more than 25 years, assistant liaison for Filisko.com, 2nd photographer (but we use his camera and equipment), webmaster of http://www.chicagobluesharp.com

Corporate Kirk Manley - Webmaster consultant, Assistant editor, Mannish boy, Staff chauffeur, player of Manly songs.

Grant "Flash" Kessler - Tone consultant, Best Photographer (now digitally enhanced) but 3rd in line for actually taking the pictures, Assistant Editor, Roving Reporter, Staff chauffeur, Publicity manager.

Andrew "Wild Card" Diehl - Intern, Rhythm guitar, Bass, Tympani, harmonica customizer, harmonica technician, blues educator.

Mr. Shoji "Sweetest Man In Town" or "Sugar Coated Love" Naito - Japanese translator for worldwide distribution of Filisko.com, One-man, all-star blues band, Jam track master, blues educator.

Little Laura - Nutritionist for the Filisko Method, Staff nurse, Holiday bake queen, Star of the Little Laura Blues Sho.

Big Al Hostert - Directional Navigator, Tone consultant, The most dangerous elbows in the world.

Dr. Nick Krebs - Hand technique expert, Tone consultant, Liaison for Filisko.com, MIA.

Morry Sochat - Stage presence consultant, Blues jam house party expert, Star of The Special 20s.

Dr. Art - Filisko Method Medical advisor, Breath control consultant.

Bill Lyday - Most frequent driver miles, Best student of the new millennium, Radioactive bluesman.

Tim Spahn - Vocal consultant, Head Groundskeeper for The Filisko Method, Liaison for Filisko.com.

Greg Gabor - Filisko Method representative for the Chicagoland western suburbs, Bass, Photocopier for the Filisko Method.

Bad Brad Rodger - Florist for The Filisko Method, Vocal consultant.

Tom Gilmore - Staff chauffeur, Liaison for Filisko.com, Creator of 256 shades of red lipstick.

Charlie Yost - Artist in residence for The Filisko Method, Maker of the chrome microphone lock box.

"Tall" Paul Sabel - Northern Wisconsin and Cuba Liaison for Filisko.com.

All spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors are still Highway RickEy's responsibility.