Here are some of the latest releases and reissued albums featuring harmonica from and
  1. Forrest City Joe / Polka Dot Slim: Downhome Delta Blues
  2. Chicago Downhome Harmonica, Volume 1 
  3. Paul Oscher: Bet On The Blues
  4. Kid Andersen: The Dreamer (Rick Estrin, Charlie Musselwhite on harp)
  5. Kid Andersen and Friends: Christmas At Greaseland, Red Volume (Rick Estrin, Paul Oscher on harp)
  6. Little Walter + Others: Legends of American Folk Blues (DVD)
  7. Steve Guyger: Finland Sessions
  8. Juicy Harmonica, Volume 2: 24 Post-War Harmonica Heavyweights
  9. Big Al Blake and The Blue Flames: Dr. Blake's Magic Soul Elixir (Al Blake, Kim Wilson on harp)
  10. Dennis Gruenling and Richard Sleigh, Volume 1
  11. Greg Izor and The Box Kickers: I Was Wrong
  12. Reverend Raven and The Chain Smokin' Altar Boys (Madison Slim on harp): Shake Your Boogie
  13. Big Walter Horton: Blues Harmonica Giant (3 CDs)
  14. Brandon O. Bailey: Memphis Grooves
  15. Charlie Musselwhite: The Well
  16. Chris James and Patrick Rynn: Gonna Boogie Anyway (with Bob Corritore and Rob Stone on harp)
  17. Rob Stone: Back Around Here
  18. The Jim Liban Blues Combo: Live at Romies
  19. Mitch Kashmar and The Pontiax: 100 Miles To Go (with William Clarke)
  20. Deke Dickerson and The Modern Sounds (with Joel Paterson on harp)
  21. Bob Corritore and Friends: Harmonica Blues
  22. Elvin Bishop: Red Dog Speaks (with John Nemeth)
  23. History of The Blues Harmonica in Concert - 2 CDs (Joe Filisko, David Barrett, Dennis Gruenling, Kinya Pollard)
  24. Prado Blues Trio and Flavio Guimaraes: The Blues Follows Me
  25. Prado Blues Band and Flavio Guimaraes: Harmonica Hot Shot
  26. Igor Prado Band: Instrumentals, Vol. 1 (with Howard Levy, Lynwood Slim, Flavio Guimaraes)
  27. John Nemeth: Name The Day
  28. Morry Sochat and The Special 20s: Eatin' Dirt
  29. The 44s: Boogie Disease
  30. Kilborn Alley Blues Band: Better Off Now
  31. Cash Box Kings (Billy Flynn on guitar; Joe Nosek on harp): I-94 Blues
  32. Raoul & The Big Time Present Blue Midnight: A Tribute to Little Walter
  33. Tad Robinson: Back In Style
  34. Grant Dermody: Lay Down My Burden
  35. Gary Primich: Gary Indiana
  36. RCA Down Home Blues: Volume 1 (features Sonny Terry)
  37. William Clarke: Tip of The Top (reissue)
  38. Johnny Moeller (with Kim Wilson): Bloo Gal Loo!
  39. Mark Hummel: Retro Active (with Charlie Musselwhite)
  40. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band: Original Album Series (5 CDs)
  41. Maurizio Pugno: Kill The Coffee (Sugar Ray Norcia on harp)
  42. William Clarke: Live Bootleg Cassette Anthology (CD Release)
  43. Rhythm Willie: The Greatest Harp Player You Never Heard
  44. George Harmonica Smith: Blowin' The Blues (ONCE OUT OF PRINT!)
  45. RJ Mischo: Knowledge You Can't Get In College
  46. Tim Lothar and Peter Nande (harp): Two For The Road
  47. Darrell Nulisch: Just For You
  48. Joe Filisko and Eric Noden: I.C. Special
  49. Snakebite II: Cobra Records Compilation (features Walter Horton, Louis Myers and Others)
  50. Dave Riley and Bob Corritore: Lucky to Be Living
  51. Tip of The Top (Aki Kumar on harp): Depot Street Blues
  52. Doug Deming and The Jewel Tones (features Kim Wilson, Dennis Gruenling, Dave Morris): Falling Through The Cracks
  53. Big Pete Pearson: Finger In Your Eye (Bob Corritore on harp)
  54. Louisiana Red/Little Victors Juke Joint: Back to The Black Bayou (Kim Wilson, Bob Corritore on harp)
  55. Kim Wilson: Tigerman/That's Life Reissues (2 CDs)
  56. Lightnin' Slim (Lazy Lester on harp): Rock Me Mama
  57. Raoul and The Big Time: You My People
  58. Rick Estrin and the Nightcats: Twisted
  59. Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters: Living In the Light (w/Kim Wilson)
  60. Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers: Soul Monster
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